Real Bubee 2 in 1 Steriliser Warmer (Single Bottle)

Real Bubee

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  • Baby food warmer, 3 in 1 function for warming milk, heating food and sterilisation
    • 40 degree : Milk Warming
    • 70 degree : Food Warming
    • 100 degree : Bottle Sterilising
  • Intimate dust-proof cover can prevent the mosquito and dust from entering
  • Size : 14cm x 14cm x 25cm
  • No bottles included.
  • Fits only maximum 1 bottle at one time
  • During the warming process, the water becomes hot (risk of scalding).
  • Check the temperature of the food before the feed (risk of burning)
  • The device must only be used on a mains socket with a residual-current protective device (risk of electric shock).
  • Unplug the mains cable after each usage and before any cleaning (risk of electric shock).


 To avoid damage to the device, please observe the following:

  • Fill the device with water before switching it on.
  • The device must only be used on an AC network and with the voltage specified on the type plate.
  • Do not remove the mains plug from the socket by pulling on the cable!
  • Do not pull, twist or bend the mains cable.
  • Never submerge the device in water. Never rinse it in running water.
  • Do not use any additional parts that are not recommended by the manufacturer or offered as accessories.

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