NUK Newborn Gift Set (11pcs Set)


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  • NUK Perfect Fit Newborn Gift Set includes 4 BPA Free bottles: two 5 oz. bottles with slow flow nipples and two 10 oz. bottles with medium flow nipples
  • NUK bottles with Perfect Fit nipples provide a comfortable and natural to feed your growing baby. The nipple is the same shape as Mom's nursing nipple for the Perfect Fit in baby's mouth, just like Mom.
  • Three NUK Orthodontic silicone pacifiers (0 to 6 months) have a truly orthodontic nipple shape that soothes and calms baby better than our original nipple and help promote healthy oral development by naturally fitting into baby's palate.
  • Two piece Learner Cup Transition Kit includes a soft spout and handles, to easily transform your bottle into a cup. Simply replace the bottle nipple with the soft spout and attach handles to bottom of a 5 oz. bottle.
  • Two fast flow Perfect Fit nipples, larger nipple sized for babies 6+ months are included when baby is ready


    Product contains 

    • 2 x Learner Cup Transition Kit
    • 2 x Bottles with Slow Flow Perfect Fit Nipples (5oz)
    • 3 x Orthodontic Pacifiers (0-6m)
    • 2 x Bottles with Medium Flow Perfect Fit Nipples (10oz)
    • 2 x Fast Flow Perfect Fit Nipples

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